Special Assistance

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Women in 28th week of their pregnancy or more, may only travel if they provide us with a medical certificate confirming their fitness to travel by air. It should be issued within 7 days of the flight date. After the 34th week of pregnancy, women are not allowed to travel with Voyage air. If the expectant mother is carrying twins, the time limit for flying is the 32nd week of her pregnancy.
The company should not be liable for any health problems to pregnant women and/or their unborn child that may occur during or as a result of carriage by air.

The carriage of infants/ children is an entire responsibility of their parents/guardians or persons travelling with them. We recommend on abstaining from flying for newborn infants. Infants / up to 2 years of age/ sit on the lap of their parent/ guardian or person travelling with them on board. They are not entitled to their own seat. They are entitled to 10kg check in luggage, as well as 1 pushchair/foldable baby carriage/ infant car seat- free of charge. Children /2-5years of age/ are also allowed to carry 1 of the above mentioned per child. The pushchair/foldable baby carriage are to pass check in procedure. They are taken before the flight and returned to the owners after landing.

A disabled passenger may carry one wheelchair and the Air company must be notified of such a requirement when booking is made. Restrictions apply to the carriage of motorized wheelchairs on account of the limited hold capacity. When they are checked in, such wheelchairs must be in a condition that ensures their safe handling and transportation.

Live animals are carried at the owner’s risk. The owner is responsible for complying with the “IATA Live Animals Regulations” and the requirements/Regulations of the countries of departure and destination. The transport of the live animals must be confirmed by Voyage Air and listed on the PNL accordingly. Animals are only accepted for countries within EU (except for the UK).
Pets in Cabin (PETC)
Animals of a weight of up to 6kg including kennel are allowed to travel in the cabin. The kennel must not be larger than a cabin bag (55x40x20cm), leak proof and allow for Safe transport. The animal has to stay in the kennel during the entire flight.
• Charge – €40.00 for a roundtrip.

Animal in hold (AVIH)
Larger animals may be transported in appropriate containers / according to IATA Live Animal Regulations/ in the cargo hold. Voyage Air does not provide any animal containers.
• Charge – €110.00 for a roundtrip.
• Guide Dogs can only be accepted as AVIH.
• Birds can only be accepted as AVIH.