Luggage info

Free luggage allowance
Standard checked in luggage allowance – 20 kg per passenger.

If not otherwise stated, adults, children are allowed to carry 20 kg of checked in luggage free of charge, excluding cabin luggage.

The free checked in luggage allowance for infants (0-2 years) is 10 kg.

The standard applicable free checked in luggage allowance is shown on Voyage Air passenger ticket or Tour operator voucher.

For specific agreements such as increased luggage allowances, please contact your Tour operator/agency.

Cabin Luggage Allowance

Cabin (Carry-on) luggage for all passengers of Voyage Air flights will be free of charge up to 6 (six) kilograms. For safety reasons, only one piece of hand baggage per passenger will be allowed into the aircraft cabin and overall dimensions shall not exceed 55x40x20cm.

The bag should be of a size to fit under the seat in front or in the overhead locker.

Passengers will be asked to display their hand-luggage at check-in to ensure that it is suitable to be carried aboard the aircraft. Any outsize or overweight items of hand luggage will be taken from the passenger, tagged and placed in the aircraft hold to be reclaimed from the luggage belt at the destination airport.

Excess Luggage Rates

Voyage Air reserves the right to make a charge for carriage of excess luggage presented at check-in by passengers, at a rate of €10.00 per kilo for one way in excess of the free allowance.

Special luggage
Sporting Equipment

Sports equipment is deemed to be special baggage and must be packed separately. We advise passengers to check in sports equipment in sturdy packaging. It must be recognizable as sports equipment at the check-in desk.

Sporting equipment of up to 30 kg per passenger may be transported under the following conditions and charges:

Surf €40 up to 30 kg
Golf equipment €30 up to 30 kg
Bicycle €30
Kite-board €30
Ski (one pair) free
Diving equipment €50 up to 30 kg
Canoe / Kayak €50 up to 30 kg