COVID – 19

Dear Customers,

We shall be happy to welcome you on board our aircrafts.

As we all have seen over the past few months, Europe and the rest of the world have worked together to keep one another safe. Thanks to the incredible efforts of all of us, the continent is slowly beginning to reopen.

At Voyage Air we’re committed to helping you feel safe to travel on our flights and holiday packages.

That’s why today, in light of COVID-19, we promise you, our customers, that we look out for your wellbeing and affirm our commitment on safe travel.

Your safety and wellbeing is our utmost priority, so we’re going to be introducing new measures to help keep you safe. Our teams will be conducting additional deep cleaning and disinfection of our aircrafts every day, and all of our passengers and crew will be required to wear masks at all times.

In addition, we’ll be distributing passengers across the aircraft where possible, and we’ll be removing our onboard service for the time being.

We’re introducing all of these measures to help keep you safe, and everything we’re doing is based on the latest government, EASA and ICAO Public Health guidance. Of course, all our aircraft are equipped with industry-leading filtration systems to keep the air you breathe in the cabin as clean as possible. Through those filters the cabin air gets replaced every 3-4 minutes.

It’s in our nature to travel. Travel is emotion, pleasure and freedom. And it will be our great pleasure if you enjoy the urney.

EASA-ECDC Posters – Blue – 28MAY2020 – FINAL